Are Yankees Fans Allowed To Boo Giancarlo Stanton After His 5 Strikeout Game?

Yikes. Giancarlo Stanton’s first game at Yankee Stadium was a wonderful 0-for-5 performance with 5 strikeouts. His at-bats were complete blackholes in the heart of the lineup. If Didi Gregorius didn’t play out of his mind then we would all be ranting today about how awful Stanton is but he gets a pass due to the blowout victory over the tanking Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

My biggest fear was that Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton back-to-back would be strikeout city for opposing pitchers. Guys are going to clinch Cy Young Awards throwing to these two and Stanton thus far, is fully participating in this doomsday scenario.

But is it okay for Yankees fan to boo Giancarlo Stanton after a 5 strikeout game?

Fuck yes. If you suck, you must deal with the consequences of your suckiness. Every single baseball game is important. Doesn’t matter if it’s game 5 of the season of game 162. Every game is valuable. So when you strike out swinging 5 times in a game and kill rallies, you deserve to face the wrath of the home crowd.

I’m tired of living in a world where we tell fans how they are supposed to behave. I was at Citifield booing my lungs out at Matt Harvey after one of his usual mediocre performances and the next day, local sports radio hosts were riding their high horses and standing on soapboxes pointing down on fans for not supporting ‘our guy’.

Nah b. Why should fans have to conceal their emotions in the stands? If we are upset at a performance, why should we be keeping that to ourselves instead of expressing it? That’s why we go to the games. We want the players on the field to know that we’re behind them or in the case of Stanton, that we disapprove of his sucking.

These are professional athletes. If you can’t take booing when you stink then either A.) stop stinking or B.) retire. Those are your two options. If you play like you’ve never held a bat before, I’m going to boo your face off.

So yea, just ya know, don’t strike out 5 times and we won’t boo. Problem solved.





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