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Are The New York Mets Now World Series Contenders After Acquiring Robinson Cano?

What Happened?

The New York Mets have acquired Robinson Cano from the Seattle Mariners in a deal that sees Cano make his triumphant return back to New York as the Mets get to dump Jay Bruce’s salary after Bruce hit an underwhelming .223 last season as well as Anthony Swarzak’s salary. Mets also gave away 3 prospects including their first-round draft pick from a season ago.

I know it’s usually laughable to ever consider the Mets as title contenders but people tend to forget that these guys were in the World Series in 2015 pretty much all thanks to Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard and those two are still at the top of the starting rotation.

So can Robinson Cano lead the Mets to the postseason?


Here’s the problem, the Atlanta Braves added Brian McCann and my mortal enemy, Josh Donaldson, to their already set playoff roster. The Philadelphia Phillies are reportedly looking to drop major cash on a free agent whether it’s Patrick Corbin, Manny Machado or Bryce Harper. The Nationals could bounce back with or without Bryce and still be a force.

No, Robinson Cano cannot lead the Mets to the postseason. He automatically becomes their best hitter, and it’s not particularly close with Yoenis Cespedes not having legs and Todd Frazier no longer facing Little League pitching.

But this deal wasn’t about Cano.

The Mets traded away top prospects to acquire Edwin Diaz, who had a 1.96 ERA and 57 saves last season for Seattle. New York needed bullpen help and they went out there and acquired one of the best closers in the game.

If deGrom has another Cy Young season, Edwin Diaz blanks hitters in the 9th, Cano continues to be one of the best hitters in baseball and that kid who destroyed the minor leagues, Peter Alonso, turns into a superstar, they miiiiiight be able to sneak into the Wildcard.

Or they’ll all get hurt like they usually do. Anything can happen.



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