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Are The Bees Swarming Times Square a Sign of the Apocalypse?

What Happened?

Times Square was a hive of activity Tuesday afternoon, as more than 40,000 bees swarmed a hot dog stand at the corner of Broadway and West 43rd Street.

Known as an absconded hive, the bees were looking for a new home to escape the sweltering heat, said Officer Darren Mays, one of the New York Police Department’s two official beekeepers.
“The hive got overcrowded because it was hot and humid and they just needed a new place to go so they can keep cool,” Mays said. He also runs the official NYPD Bees Twitter account, which was buzzing with likes and retweets as many New Yorkers learned that their police force had beekeepers on staff.



I’ve seen enough End of the World movies to know that once the animals and wildlife start behaving erratically, we’re all going to die. This is some real ‘Day After Tomorrow’ type shit. This means one thing and one thing only, New York is about to get hit with a tsunami or a tornado or hellfire raining from the sky.

Times Square is already the worst place on planet Earth. I used to hand out brochures in Times Square because when you’re poor, you are willing to throw away your self-esteem and happiness for $100 a day. Every day was a nightmare.

Now Times Square is swimming with bees? Yea, let’s go ahead and burn Times Square completely to the ground and build the new Giants Stadium right in midtown Manhattan. The world will be a better place without a guy walking outside of a Macy’s in a Mickey Mouse costume charging dumb parents for photographs with their kids.

But we’re all going to die so none of that matters. If wolves start gathering in Central Park just book a trip to Mars. Earth is over.





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