Are Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid Friends?

22-year old Ben Simmons and 24-year Joel Embiid are leading the Philadelphia 76ers out of the process and into annual relevance in the league as they currently sit in the third seed of the Eastern Conference and look to take the leap into in the NBA Finals when it’s all said and done.

Ben Simmons is the Prince Who Was Promised. Probably the third best prospect to come into the NBA this era behind LeBron James and Anthony Davis. He was a sure thing. Simmons has the best court vision in the league and his ability to take the ball coast to coast is pretty much unstoppable.

Joel Embiid had all the skills and tools in the world but couldn’t stay on the court until 2018-19 saw a healthy Embiid putting up Shaquille O’Neal-esque numbers during the first half of the season. He’s an automatic bucket any time the Sixers dump the ball down to him in the paint.

But here’s the problem: you know Highlander rules. There can only be one. Most people are under the impression that these two will split up as they both appear to want to be the star of their own teams and not play sidekick to the other.

Ben Simmons is dating Kendall Jenner. He’ll probably pop up in the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. LeBron James is literally working on a sitcom based on Ben Simmons’s life. Safe to say, my man wants to be a star.

Meanwhile, Joel Embiid’s nickname is ‘The Process’, the title of the manifesto that former Sixers GM, Sam Hinkie, wrote explaining the plan he used to put Philadelphia in a situation where they could even draft two future MVPs like Embiid and Simmons.

Why would Ben Simmons want to stick around next to the guy whose nickname literally represents the team? That’s like if everyone in Boston called Jayson Tatum ‘Mr. Celtic’ and Kyrie Irving realizing he’ll never be as beloved in the city as Mr. Fucking Boston.

But are Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid actually friends?

It depends if you believe this quote from Ben Simmons earlier this week where he claimed that he and Embiid want to bring multiple championships to Philadelphia.

I’ve never seen these two men interact, ever, so I can’t imagine when these conversations between the two of them even take place but I guess I’ll take Ben’s word for it.

Selfishly, I’d love to see Ben Simmons run his own team with a franchise building a roster designed to play off his specific skills. Right now, Simmons and Embiid’s style completely clash as they both occupy the paint and congest the lanes. Simmons wants to run up and down the court and Embiid wants to slow things down and work the post.

But Philadelphia has two Top 10 players in this league so it doesn’t matter. You figure that shit out because the alternative is, you keep Embiid and you pretty much turn into the New Orleans Pelicans or Minnesota Timberwolves. You have an amazing big man putting up monster stats that do not effect wins and losses in anyway.

So it doesn’t matter if Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid are friends. You lock them in a gym and force them to work together.

Nevermind, they’re best friends forever.




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