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Next Season of Archer is Taking Place on ‘Danger Island’

Earlier this year, Archer creator Adam Reed made it clear that his long-running FXX series—which recently spent a season-long sojourn in a noir-flavored coma dream—wouldn’t be returning to “normal” any time soon. Up until tonight, Reed was staying coy about what sort of setting the show’s ninth season might send Sterling Archer and his friends, associates, and various general irritations to next, but he opened up at the show’s Comic-Con panel this evening. So you’d better prep your best Hawaiian shirt (and your finest “Lana? LANA! LANAAAAAAA!”), because Archer is headed to Danger Island.

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DANGER ZOOONE. Adam Reed announced last year that there are only two more seasons of Archer remaining before the show ends. The first of those last two seasons will be Archer Danger Island which would put Sterling and the gang back on that island from The Heart of Archness where he became Pirate King and taught the natives how to play lacrosse.

I’m honestly not a huge fan of these one-off seasons. Archer hasn’t been great since season 4 but I as long as he continues to be an asshole to everyone around him and having an awkward relationship with his mother, I will continue to tune in.




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