Apparently Zack Snyder’s Version of Justice League Was “Unwatchable”

According to ScreenRant, Batman On Film‘s Bill Ramey was told by a “well-placed” source that Snyder’s version of the film was “unwatchable” and the current reshoots, tone changes, and shifts are part of that. It was echoed by SlashFilm’s Peter Sciretta, who noted that Wheedon would be shifting the ending of the film away from a cliffhanger based on the arrival of the villain Darkseid that would lead into the second film. Sciretta runs down the details of the original plan, where Steppenwolf is the lead-in to Darkseid and plays the “Silver Surfer” role to Darkseid’s “Galactus.” None of this is too mindblowing considering it was teased in Batman V Superman, but it is a troubling rumor for where the DC Comics movies are going from this point forward.


This just goes to show that everything happens for a reason. Yes, it’s a tragedy what happened in the Snyder household that forced him to walk away from Justice League buuut the good news is, Joss Whedon was able to step in and fix his unwatchable shitty movie.

I don’t necessarily want quippy Avengers style slapstick comedy in Justice League but maybe throw in a dash of primary colors here and there. Batman V. Superman was just gray and foggy for some reason. Zack Snyder thinks comic book movies should take place on the set of Thriller.

I should also mention that this movie is going to suck regardless so none of this matters. It could be Snyder, Joss Whedon or Martin Scorsese, Justice League is doomed to fail because of the awful lead-up movies and nonsense that came before it. Who gives any shits about Cyborg?


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