Apparently Will Smith is an Asshole, SHOCKING Breaking News

Comedian Paul Rodriguez, a man I have never heard of before today, was interviewed for some reason and claimed that Will Smith was an asshole. The world stands to a dead stop as this bombshell of breaking news has been dropped. Stop what you’re doing, apparently Will Smith is an asshole. SHOCKING.

Sometimes the drama that goes on behind the scenes is almost as interesting as the movie itself. That may be the case with director Michael Mann’s 2001 biopic, Ali, if comedian Paul Rodriguez is to be believed. During an interview with a San Diego rock station, Rodriguez said that Will Smith was “an a**hole” to work with before speculating about whether Smith took steroids to prepare for his titular role in Ali.Decider

Will Smith was an asshole on a movie set in which he was the star? No way. I refuse to believe that a movie star is or ever has been anything but cordial and respectful to their coworkers. What a ludicrous and slanderous accusation. I’ve never heard of world renown movie star being an asshole and especially not Will Smith.

And to add that he may have taken steroids? How dare you, Paul Rodriguez. You think a movie star who needed to have a bigger physical physique in like, 2 months before shooting, would do anything unethical to achieve a better body? Absolutely disgusting speculation going on here.

I’m getting angry and upset just thinking about Paul Rodriguez attempting to stain Will Smith’s flawless reputation. I don’t know who he thinks he is but I won’t have my day ruined by these horrible words of hate.

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