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Apparently The Night’s Watch Costumes Are Made From IKEA Rugs

Befitting a series about warring families, it has recently come to light that Game Of Thrones gets some of its costumes straight from IKEA—namely, the cloaks worn by the Night’s Watch. The furs worn by those men banished to the cold, neglected, Westerosi equivalent of a starter apartment are, in fact, just cheap IKEA rugs that have been properly ravaged, Quartz reports, picking up on a detail that was first relayed last year in a talk by GOT costume designer Michele Clapton.

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After seeing this season’s disgusting Ed Sheeran human product placement in the season premiere, I am shocked that Game of Thrones is making a bigger deal about having costumes derived from IKEA rugs. Weird that they don’t have the tags sticking out. Next time we see Dolores Ed, he’s going to look dead into the camera and give an ad read.

This is extremely disappointing. I really thought the Game of Thrones showrunners were out here skinny wolves alive and shit but nope, they’ just picking up those rugs that are in the bin by the cash registers at IKEA.

This definitely makes you feel worse for the Night’s Watch. They have the worst lives in Westeros but at least you knew they were warm with those fire coats. Now they’re just wearing itchy rugs. Can’t wait for White Walkers to take them out of their misery.


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