Apparently LeBron James is Ignoring All of Luke Walton’s Coaching

What Happened?

The scouts also have noticed that when James is running the point, he rarely looks toward the bench to receive playcalls from coach Luke Walton. Even when he has seen them, the scouts say, he ignores them and runs the play he prefers. Walton has adjusted, and now when James is running the show, Walton will typically just let him call the game. This probably shouldn’t be considered a slight — it’s just James being James.


Sooo LeBron James is pretty much running the Los Angeles Lakers at this point as he isn’t even acknowledging the existence of his head coach, Luke Walton. This could spark a bigger debate about the value of an NBA head coach but at the very least, when they call a play, the players pretend to run it.

Not LeBron though.

The best part of this story is that LeBron continues to look over to Luke only to ignore his calls. It’s not like he brings the ball up and keeps his head down or he calls the plays himself. Nope, he looks over to coach and pretends like he gives a shit what he’s saying and then does whatever he wants regardless.

How soon until Luke Walton is fired?

The Lakers are currently 11-9 but they’re only 3 games out of the 1 seed. No team in the West has really emerged yet as the front runner of the conference Los Angeles can sneak home field advantage easily.

Orrrrr they can go on a wild win streak because Brandon Ingram is the most overrated prospect in NBA history and every shot that leaves Lonzo Ball’s hand looks like it accidentally slipped out and it’s going to smash the side of the backboard.

I’d honestly be shocked if Luke Walton is the head coach by the time this article is finished.




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