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Apparently Kristaps Porzingis Requested a Trade Because He Didn’t Want To Play With Kevin Durant

Zach Lowe talked with Knicks reporter Ian Begley on “The Lowe Post” podcast that was published on Friday. The Porzingis trade was their first item of discussion, and Begley emphasized there was a multitude of factors contributing to Porzingis’ desire to be moved.

“There is the possibility that [the Knicks] got the sense that [Porzingis] wasn’t psyched of how aggressively they were going to court bigger names than him. That’s possible,” Lowe said. “I’m confident after talking to a lot of people, I don’t think he was psyched about playing with (Kevin) Durant. I don’t know how directly that was verbalized to the Knicks. I’m confident that it wasn’t something that was like his Plan A that he was super thrilled about it. He wanted to be the face of the franchise. I think that’s known, that’s fair.” (Source)

There is nothing on planet Earth I want/need more than to see Kristaps Porzingis walk into a meeting with the New York Knicks front office and hit them with an ‘it’s either him or me’ ultimatum but the ‘him’ plays for a different team. Steve Mills is a man who seems often confused but that conversation must’ve really threw him off.

It’s still insane that this man in a wheelchair who is a RESTRICTED free agent, somehow was able to both demand and receive a trade with absolutely zero leverage. Do Knicks fans understand that this front office let a man with one leg and no freedom run free.

But I will pat Kristaps on the back for this. I too, don’t want to be in the same building as Kevin Durant so I fully get this move. Durant is a weirdo with acne and a gross beard and a dusty hairline. Melo may not have passed the ball but at least he was cool as hell and had hoes. Durant isn’t bringing any hoes to New York with him. You know who probably has hoes though? Luke Doncic in Dallas.

Again, no idea why the Knicks weren’t just like ‘lol shutup, Porzingis’ but I guess even they couldn’t deny how lame Durant is. There was probably a lot of head nods and ‘true true’ being said throughout the room as KP was like ‘this geek deadass replies to Instagram comments defending his free agency decision from 3 years ago. Trade me’.

I still hate you, Kristaps. But yes I agree, Durant is a bitch.



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