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Apparently Knicks Coaches Think Kevin Knox is Too “Soft”

Not a huge fan of this story coming out with the NBA on delay due to a coronavirus pandemic that’s killing thousands of people every day but I suppose the New York Post cannot go a full week without shitting on the New York Knicks and thus we have a new story about the coaching staff, past and present, believing that Kevin Knox is a little bitch.

David Fizdale and his interim replacement Mike Miller each thought Kevin Knox had a tendency to play “soft’’, according to an NBA source.

Miller wouldn’t start Knox even after small forward Marcus Morris was dealt Feb. 6. According to a source, Miller was still under order to go about the business of winning games — and the interim didn’t feel Knox gave him the best chance.

First let’s make one thing incredibly clear before we move on: nothing David Fizdale says matter. That clown really called a timeout and wrote ‘together’ on his whiteboard instead of drawing an actual play. He is a scammer that looks like grown-up brown Milhouse.

Second, we already all knew Kevin Knox was soft as hell. He’s a 6-foot-8 forward that plays like a 5-foot-10 timid boy. Whenever he does choose to aggressively assert himself into the game the end result is typically him dribbling off his feet of stepping out of bounds or running full speed at the rim and slamming the ball against the backboard.

It is still indefensible to not start him once Marcus Morris was traded. If he is truly this soft then he’s not going to grow calluses sitting on the bench watching Mo Harkless. We expect young players to improve over night without ever putting them in a position to improve.

You have to partially blame the front office for never providing job security to Knicks head coaches which leads to these coaches choosing to win meaningless games at the end of lost seasons as opposed to committing to the development of young players like Damyean Dotson and Mitch Robinson. I still do not understand why Taj Gibson was still the starting center when Mitch Robinson is so clearly the most talented player on the team.

Both things can true at the same time. Kevin Knox is soft. He should also be playing more than Bobby Portis. One player is potentially the future of this team and the other is Bobby Portis. What are we doing here?

Only the Knicks would have an owner catch Coronavirus and leak that their young lottery pick is a little bitch thus tanking his trade value while the NBA is shutdown. I hate it here.





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