Apparently Kansas City Chiefs Have Placed Alex Smith on the Trading Block

The Kansas City Chiefs reportedly will entertain trade offers for starting quarterback Alex Smith after the 2017 season, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Schefter wrote, “With the play of rookie Patrick Mahomes II in training camp, it was thought that the Chiefs would have entertained offers for Smith this summer, but no team stepped up to make a deal happen,” adding, “Smith has said that he thinks this will be his last year in Kansas City.”

(Bleacher Report)

This is potentially the most important move of the 2017 NFL season. Whatever team trades for Alex Smith can propel themselves from average to playoff contender. Now, I want to make it very clear that I don’t think Alex Smith is a good enough quarterback to win a playoff series but he’s certainly fine enough to get you there.

It’s Patrick Mahomes SZN. Get Smith the fuck out of the paint and let Mahomes cook. I cannot wait to see him slinging the ball down the field to Tyreke Hill and Travis Kelce while Kareem Hunt runs the ball down opponents throats. Wow, the Chiefs might put up a bajillion points a game.

Imagine if the Broncos or Jaguars trade for Alex Smith. The Broncos suddenly have a quarterback that isn’t afraid to be quarterback. Imagine SACKSONVILLE having a quarterback that is allowed to throw more than 12 passes a game.

Chances are, Smith doesn’t get traded and everything remains the same because the NFL stinks and isn’t fun.




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