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Apparently Everyone in the New York Knicks Organization is Happier Without Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony

“Everyone just seems a little lighter,” a team source told ESPN’s Ian Begley of the difference between this year’s Knicks and the teams of seasons past.

“The drama Phil created with Carmelo really affected the team and the joy factor,” another source told Begley.

“It just caused so much unnecessary drama for the team,” a source said. “It wore on them. At that point, everyone could feel Phil trying to push Carmelo out.”

According to Begley, shortly after Jackson made those comments, a high-ranking Knicks executive wondered aloud: “What the f— is he doing? This is insane. How is this helping us win?”

Anthony also reportedly feuded with the Knicks’ coaching staff, and things seemed to come to a head during a March 12 loss to the lowly Brooklyn Nets. Sources told Begley that in the locker room at halftime, as the coaches were lighting into the team, Anthony interjected and told assistant Kurt Rambis, “This place is a f—ing joke.”

After Rambis shot back by questioning Anthony’s effort, one Knicks player reportedly recused himself and a few others from the situation by saying, “F— this, let’s go shoot around.”



Wow, it’s nuts that suddenly the New York Knicks are playing some of the best basketball I’ve ever seen. It’s almost as if two totally toxic human beings were kicked out of the building and suddenly all of the players are able to take a sigh of relief and actually have fun. Weird how life works.

First of all before I shit on Carmelo Anthony, I kind of have to give him credit for ignoring Kurt Rambis. The only head coach in NBA history that is worse than Rambis is Derek Fisher. If I was in an NBA locker room and Rambis started telling me anything about basketball I would immediately throw my headphones in. Gucci Mane is more inspiring to me than Kurt Rambis.

Look at the team now. Can you imagine how bad Michael Beasley would be if everytime he went to take a jumper, Carmelo screamed in his face to pass him the ball. Beasley is the type of player who desperately needs love and positive reinforcement. I don’t even worry when Porzingis is out now because you can automatically chalk Beasley in for those same exact stats. Carmelo probably wouldn’t speak to Beasley for a month if he outscored him in a game.

Also, I’ve said it a million times but Phil Jackson is an asshole who 1000% has dementia so I don’t know if I’m legally allowed to make fun of him.




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