Apparently Eli Manning is Out Here Scamming Fake Memorabilia

Cash Rules Everything Around Me. Eli Manning is out her slinging fake merch trying to get that extra dollar in the offseason. Shout out to Eli here. You cannot knock the hustle at all. If I was in the NFL, I’d have a truck full of fake helmets and jerseys to sell to divorced dads who are trying to win the affection of their sons that they only get to see every other weekend. Play the game.

Can we stop pretending like it matters if NFL merch is ‘real’ or not. As long as the colors match and you can’t see the threading, just buy your jerseys wherever you want. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars at the NFL store, just cruise down to the flea market and pick up that cheap shit. I promise you no one gives a shit.

I’ll support Eli no matter what. If he’s out here scamming then so be it. Let him get those checks.




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