Apparently Derrick Rose Got Secretly Married When He Left The Cleveland Cavaliers For ‘Personal Reasons’

Remember when the former MVP has decided to take time away from the Cavaliers and weigh his basketball future, well reportedly he was just getting hitched. According to our source, Derrick reportedly eloped with his longtime girlfriend Alaina, who is pregnant. Our insider explained, “Derrick and Alaina wanted to start their family as a married couple.” We’re told that the wedding was small and private. At the time of his hiatus, former league MVP Rose claimed that he was taking personal time “to evaluate his future in the NBA ” and that his numerous injuries were “taking a toll on him mentally.” Nope, just needed to get married.



Derrick Rose is the biggest bitch in the NBA. He is the sketchiest dude on the planet. Last season, he vanished from the New York Knicks for a couple of days because he felt like it. Didn’t say a word to the organization. Just had a no-call no-show as if an NBA game is some minimum wage cashier job at the local supermarket.

Then earlier this season, Derrick Rose took a ‘leave of absence’ because he wasn’t sure if he wanted to play basketball anymore. He blamed his injuries or some bullshit but nope. Apparently he only wanted to elope with some random Instagram model he impregnated.

Derrick Rose is a loser and a weirdo. Imagine going to work today if you’re on the Cavs roster and Derrick Rose walks in wearing a wedding ring like ‘hey guys, what did I miss? Oh, are we losing a bunch of games? Yea, must be Kevin Love. Can’t be me randomly disappearing for weeks at a time to go bang my girlfriend.’

The last game the Cleveland Cavaliers played was against the Miami Heat earlier this week. Rose played 5 minutes and scored 1 point. Two nights prior to that, he played 9 minutes but this time he doubled up and scored 2 points.

Get Derrick Rose the fuck ouuuut of here.




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