Apparently Chicks Stole $750K From Derrick Williams After a Night of Partying

After being one of the most disappointing draft picks in the last 5 years, Derrick Williams has found a great role as the 6th man on the New York Knicks this year. He’s a high energy scorer that the Knicks need when Carmelo Anthony is on the bench. Apparently, he’s also a cuckold that let two chicks get him drunk and rob him.

[su_quote cite=”New York Post” url=””]“I don’t want to talk about it,” Williams said after the Knicks’ game at Madison Square Garden Saturday night. “It’s still up in the air.” Williams, 24, had been celebrating Friday night’s 107-97 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers with a group of friends at the Up & Down club. Afterward, they headed back to Williams’ Broadway apartment — along with two women whom they had just met and who may have been using false names, the sources said. But not before the two party girls found the Louis Vuitton case stuffed with three-quarters of a million dollars worth of jewelry in one of Williams’ closets.After more partying at Williams’ bachelor pad, everyone went home. The fast-fingered females grabbed the contents, and took off, the sources said[/su_quote]

Interesting move by Derrick Williams to just keep a loot bag full of jewelry. Now I’ve never had $750K worth of jewelry laying around my house so I don’t know the best way to store it but I’m assuming keeping it in a getaway bag is the wrong move. Like, you can buy a safe for your valuable possessions. That’s for sure a thing that rich people do.

At the end of the day, I just hope that Derrick Williams at least got a handjob. He’s playing very well this season and he’s earned it. Yes, $750k is bit expensive for a handjob but he makes $4 million a year so it’s just ashtray money for him. Maybe this will put a chip on his shoulder and help drive the Knicks to the NBA Championship. I’m reaching here. I know.


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