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Is Antonio Gates the Greatest Tight End in NFL History?

Over the weekend, Antonio Gates caught his 112th career touchdown pass and now he holds the record for most touchdowns by a tight end. Only Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Cris Carter and Marvin Harrison have more touchdowns. Again, all wide receivers.

So is Antonio Gates the greatest tight end in NFL history?

Well first of all, you have to remember that he played basketball in college. People forget that. They never ever bring that up while you’re watching a Chargers game. The announcers keep that under their sleeve the whole time so just a quick reminder. Those Kent State years are just lost in history, I reckon.

What’s also impressive about his career is that he played with Phillip Rivers his entire career. Take that as you may. Either you think Rivers is a great quarterback and he made Gates look great or you think Gates has all of those touchdowns despite Rivers’ quarterback play. I am indifferent.

Here’s a stat: Gates is 22nd all-time in career receptions. Jason Witten and Tony Gonzalez have about 300 more each. Gates is 33rd in career receiving yards. Again, Witten and Gonzalez have a shit ton more than Gates.

Is Antonio Gates the greatest tight end in NFL history?

Nope. There can only be one:

jeremy shockey

Jeremy Shockey.



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