Antonio Brown, You CANNOT Say That Word

Wow. I am disgusted. I was on Antonio Brown’s side until I read the exchange between he and Oakland Raider GM, Mke Mayock. He said THAT word?? Ew.

Antonio Brown is moments away from being suspended for Week 1 following an altercation with Mayock in which he needed to be held back from physically assaulting his boss.

A suspension would essentially erase Brown’s contract and that massive deal he signed in the offseason would be null and void.

AB was upset that he received a fine for skipping practice after he uh…skipped practice. You could make the argument that he was sitting our for what he believed was right: a helmet.

A lot of people ran to point the finger at Brown for being a baby about his helmet and for not showing up to practice (even though his feet are destroyed and he shouldn’t be practicing anyway).

When do we hold the Oakland Raiders accountable for their nonsense?

Last season we watched Jon Gruden sign a historic contract with the Raiders and within 5 minutes of being there, he immediately traded Khalil Mack—the best player on the team —because he held out for a new contract.

Clearly, Oakland established a ‘you’re either 100% in or you’re out’ culture. Gruden wants yes men with no personalities on his team that don’t question authority.

That’s totally fine. Most franchises feel the same way. Dave Gettleman just sent Odell Beckham to Cleveland for having a personality. It’s common to want nameless faceless soldiers. The NFL is sick that way.

So with that in mind, uh, why the fuck would Oakland even trade for Antonio Brown knowing damn well he was a sociopath? The last headline involving AB was that he threw a football at Ben Roethlisberger in practice and proceeded to no-call, no-show the final game of the season before demanding a trade.

What exactly did Oakland think would occur? He showed up to the first day of training camp in a fucking hot air balloon.

But my god, did any of us know he was capable of this despicable language? How dare he call Mike Mayock a ‘cracker’. It pained me to even type that word.

What if the roles were reversed, huh? No one would have jokes then. If Mike Mayock called Antonio Brown a cracker, then what? Exactly. People would start kneeling or whatever. Jay-Z would sell a t-shirt.

You CANNOT say that word.

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