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Anthony Joshua Got TKO’d And Lost All of His Belts To My Plumber

Anthony Joshua walked into Saturday night’s main event as the new face of the heavyweight boxing division and left the night with all of his belts gone after getting his shot rocked by Andy Ruiz Jr, who I’m pretty sure fixed my car brakes last Monday.

AJ entered this match as British Royalty. He was 22-0. He was the Prince Who Was Promised.

Andy Ruiz Jr was popping and locking last week.

Ruiz is 268 pounds and wears it like he’s 350. He looks like the only reason he became a boxer is because one night after a long day of landscaping and beat the hell out of some nerds with glasses on and his buddies told him he should give boxing a shot. And here we are.

If you are a boxing fan then you need to keep that shit to yourself from now on. Boxing is dead. We couldn’t even get the massive heavyweight bout we wanted. Deontay Wilder vs. Anthony Joshua could’ve changed the whole sport.

Instead, Deontay Wilder got murked by Tyson Fury, who looks like the boxer that Bugs Bunny went up against and Anthony Joshua got bodied by a guy who was working the concessions at Madison Square Garden and stumbled into the ring.

Never talk to me about boxing again. Never mention ‘DAZN’ or whatever wack ass app that fight was streaming on. Boxing is done. None of this matters anymore.

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