And just like that, Kawhi Thanos snapped his fingers and eliminated 29 NBA teams as he not only signs with the Los Angeles Clippers but brings Paul George with him.

That wasn’t an earthquake on Friday night. That was Kawhi Leonard gathering the final Infinity Stones and murdering Tony Stark. This is without a doubt the biggest two minutes in NBA history. Just like that, the NBA is over.

On paper, the Clippers have three of the best if the not the Top 3 on-ball perimeter defenders with Kawhi, Paul George and Patrick Beverly putting the clamps on anyone and everyone on a nightly basis.

Not to mention Montrezl Harrell and the newly acquired Mo Harkless both being above average defenders as well.

They also have three of the best 4th quarter closers in the league. Kawhi and PG both have Youtube highlight reels of their buzzer beaters but Doc Rivers could also fuck around and draw up a game-winning play for Lou Williams and there wouldn’t be a drop off in production at all.

It’s still insane that Magic Johnson called up the Clippers last season and handed them Ivica Zubac. Zubac isn’t the best center ever but he on a rookie deal and can provide quality minutes and size in the paint.

Magic gave the rivals across the street their championship rim protector and then he quit without a two weeks notice so he can go back to tweeting. What a year.

And the Clippers didn’t even really give anything up.

Sure Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is a decent prospect, or at least, he was before being relegated to stand in the corner and watch Russell Westbrook try to put a hole in the backboard.

Danilo Gallinari is a good rotation player who is an underrated passer and shot 43% from three last season. He’s also oft-injured and a turnstile defensively aka perfect trade fodder.

And as far as all these draft picks goes, who cares? The Clippers are winning every championship. Enjoy the last pick every year, OKC. Los Angeles basically sent a shitload of second rounders over.

Now, Oklahoma City general manager, Sam Presti, can find talent. No doubt about that. You know who he’s not going to find? A player as good as Kawhi or Paul George.

Paul George re-signed with the Thunder last summer claiming they had ‘unfinished business’. I suppose he finished that nonsense and now he’s ready to actually win and not have to run in the stands and fight fans with Westbrook.

Also, and most importantly, BAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA at the Los Angeles Lakers. Enjoy that ‘super team’ of 35-year old LeBron, injury prone Anthony Davis and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

It’s over for the NBA. Annihilation.

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