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Ann Coulter and JJ From Good Times Are Banging

Jimmie Walker, the TV star most famous for his portrayal of J.J. on the hit 1970s sitcom Good Times, is said to be dating conservative firebrand Ann Coulter.

The stunning claim was made by Norman Lear, who knows Walker, 69, from his stint as the executive producer of Good Times.

Lear, 94, said the unlikely pair were an item during an interview for Entertainment Weekly with Black-ish creator Kanya Barris.
(Daily Mail)


Wow, shout out to Ann Coulter for the ultimate ‘I can say the n-word, I have a black friend’. How do you get away with the most racist hot takes in cable news history? Date the star of the blackest TV show of all time. Everything cancels out.

I’ve never wanted a celebrity sex tape more than I do now. You know for a fact that there is plenty of race play. Like, to an uncomfortable level. Almost to the point where it’s not sexy but it’s just two people getting years of racial frustration out on each other’s genitals.

This is the hottest couple of 2017. SEEE YAAA A-Rod and J-Lo. Ann Coulter and Jimmie Walker are banging this country back together.





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