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Ann Coulter, Animated Skeleton Thirsty For Attention, Says The Crying Immigrant Children Separated From Their Parents Are ‘Child Actors’

Ann Coulter went on Fox News to keep her brand of ‘I was born white and somehow that automatically makes me better than brown people’ going strong with a ridiculous take about these immigrant children who are being stuffed in cages and separated from their parents are paid child actors trying to draw our sympathy.

There seems to be a constant and deliberate decision of (racist) Trump supporters to avoid obviously disgusting acts of violence and crimes against children by throwing out the incredibly dumb smokescreen of ‘oh, that’s just child actors’.

20 children died in Sandy Hook and instead of anyone doing anything about gun control, right-wing maniacs dodged the emotional impact of dead children with a swift ‘that attack was fake and it never happened. Those are fake funerals’.

Stoneman Douglas High School had a shooter walk in a target other students. The students who survived this attack went on a crusade to challenge the NRA and the politicians who dance on the NRAs puppet strings but they were quickly brushed off by Fox News and called ‘child actors’ who were hired to take out guns away.

Now there are immigrant children crying in cages in fear and without fail, Ann Coulter takes a break from stirring her cauldron to run onto Fox News and claim that these are fake kids.


Who is hiring these Spanish children and creating these lots of caged babies? Who does that benefit? Is Spielberg recording all of this?

How wild would it be if you voted for Donald Trump and actually had to face the reality that you voted for a man who thinks ‘illegal’ means that they are not people and don’t deserve to be treated humanely and now there are literal internment camps? Nah, that’s not possible. Makes more sense that there are THOUSANDS of paid actors being paid to cry and beg for their parents on cue.

Stop putting microphones in front of Ann Coulter.



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