Angry 76ers Fan Pulls Gun Out on Jahlil Okafor

I understand that this headline seems like the beginning of a pretty clever Onion fake news article but this is shit actually happened. Philadelphia 76ers fans are so unhappy about the fact that their team isn’t winning that their willing to shoot players. As a Knicks fan, this is hilarious. As the king of Deadseriousness, this is hilarious.


According to the Inquirer, he exchanged words with a heckler outside a Philadelphia nightclub in October, and as Okafor left the scene with his teammates, the heckler pointed a gun toward Okafor’s head.


Jahlil Okafor is averaging 18 points per game with 8 rebounds and almost 2 blocks. He’s also apparently fighting fans at an alarming rate. I’m really starting to like this guy. While everyone either loves or hates Duke, I am completely indifferent so I never had an opinion of Okafor until now. We need guys in the NBA ready to jump in the stands at any time.

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Ron Artest back. I cannot wait until the 76ers lose every single game this year and Jahlil Okafor gets into a WWF cage match with every poor soul sitting courtside wearing old worn out Allen Iverson jerseys from 2002. 76ers games just became must-see TV. I might fly to Philly for a home game. I assume their handing out free tickets at the door.



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