Angela Merkel Laughing in Donald Trump’s Face is the Perfect End to Hot Girl Summer

This is the perfect exclamation to the end of Hot Girl Summer. Angela Merkel straight laughing in Trump’s face as he claims his German roots because Trump thinks he needs to establish credibility before and after every lie he makes while simultaneously having no idea what needs to be said in order to establish that credibility.

Hot Girl Summer originally ended when Megan Thee Stallion released the official anthem of the season featuring Nicki Minaj. And it was by far her worst song.


Let’s pretend that song never happened and Hot Girl Summer started with Meg Thee Stallion twerking and ended with Merkel snorting at Trump. I’ll go edit the Wikipedia page for everyone.

By the way, why couldn’t Hillary Clinton do this? Donald Trump’s ran on being a regular (shitty) guy and whenever he said and did something ridiculous, Hillary should’ve laughed in his face like Angela Merkel and any other normal human would and has Trump’s entire life but instead Hillary was just a series of algorithms that malfunctioned when presented with illogical arguments.

Angela Merkel 2020.


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