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Guy Forced To Sit in Urine Soaked Seat For 11-Hour Plane Ride

A furious British Airways passenger had to sit on a urine-soaked seat for almost 11 hours on a flight to Cape Town.

Andrew Wilkinson (39) boarded the plane at Heathrow to visit his parents in South Africa.
He claimed a stewardess gave him wet wipes to mop up the mess when he alerted her to the mess.

“I was left to sit in a urine-soaked seat for over 11 hours when I paid £1,242 [€1,346] for a return flight with BA,” he told the Sun.


Nooooope. You’re going to have to make an emergency landing because I will not be sitting in human waste for ELEVEN hours. I’m probably only awake for about 11 hours a day during a typical weekday. Can’t imagine spending my entire day in a puddle of a STRANGER’S PEEPEE.

People are out here protesting free speech and white supremacy and shit but meanwhile, British Airways is out here with piss seats and wet wipes. Rather spend the night in jail than 11 hours in another human’s excretions. Significantly less piss in jail.

Andrew Wilkinson, my man, you need to step off that plane the second you see your seat is soaking wet and it smells like that kid in elementary school that had no control of his bladder and wasn’t old enough to shower yet.

Everyone be better. We’re trying to have a society out here.





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