Andrew Wiggins Dropped 40 Points, KO’ed Nerlens Noel and Casually Called Dennis Shroder ‘Gay’ In a 2-Hour Span Last Night

So. Much. Happened last night as the Minnesota Timberwolves won an emotional game against the Oklahoma City Thunder thanks to Andrew Wiggins randomly going off for 40 points and giving Flip Saunders’s son his first career victory as the interim head coach.

I can’t even write about how beautiful of a moment that was because Wiggins had a lottttt more to do that night besides help his coach take home the W.

Jesus, Wiggins. No wonder Minnesota was able to get the win last night. Wiggins took out Oklahoma City’s best rim protector. Aggresive coaching by Ryan Saunders.

That’s like in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia when the gang had to coach youth basketball to serve their probation and they taught the kids to wear combat boots to stomp on their opponent’s feet and put paper clips in their wristbands so they can stab the other kids.

But following the huge emotional victory, a 40-point breakout game and knocking out Nerlens Noel, Andrew Wiggins found the energy to casually throw a slur at Dennis Shroder for no reason.

I’m not even 100% sure what I just heard. Did Wiggins say ‘he was just gay’? Now, there is definitely a wrong way to use the word ‘gay’ and somehow I think Andrew Wiggins found the wrong way to say a word the wrong way.

Pair this with Derrick Rose telling people who think he’s going to fall off to ‘kill themselves’ and you’ve got a Timberwolves locker room that has the same conversations as a 5th grade cafeteria.

Imagine how stressful it must be working for the PR Team of Minnesota right now. You just got back from a two week break for the holidays and all of a sudden every player in the organization is saying the most problematic shit they can completely unprovoked.

We’re about 24 hours away from Jeff Teague calling a referee a ‘retard’ or Taj Gibson tweeting out ‘I don’t believe EVERY woman accusing R. Kelly’.

Go Wolves!

sidenote: shoutout to Wiggins for taking all the shine last night so no one can write about the fact that Russell Westbrook is shooting 23% from behind the arc but chose to take TWO 3-pointers to win the game instead of just going to the rim for the tie or passing it to someone who can actually shoot.




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