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Watch Andrew McCutchen Hit the Milly Rock After His Walk Off Home Run

Andrew McCutchen will literally Milly Rock on any block. I want/need more baseball players do develop personalities. For whatever reason, players are ostracized if they emote on the field. If you have fun then you think you’re ‘above the game’.

Fuck that. Toss bats to the moon if you hit a monster home run. Celebrate walk offs. Dance after catching a potential home run. At the very last, smile. I know that baseball was big during The Great Depression, but let’s allow these human beings to be human beings.

Mike Trout is the most talented player in baseball and it’s not even close. He might be the most talented player to ever hold a bat. But no one cares because he’s a loser that doesn’t speak or seem to even be having fun out there.

I loved Derek Jeter but at least off the field I knew he was out there 69ing Tyra Banks and Minka Kelly. Mike Trout goes home and drinks water an prays or whatever.

Milly Rock on any block.





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