Andrew Luck Has a Mustache Now So Needless To Say, the Indianapolis Colts Are Going 16-0


Andrew Luck is BACK.

Luck is coming off a torn labrum that has kept him away from football since 2016 where he led a pretty awful Colts team to an 8-7 season before going down with that injury. He’s also suffered from a torn abdomen and concussions in the past so 2018 might be the first season in years that we finally see a healthy Luck.

Anddddd none of that matters now because Andrew Luck has a mustache and he’s going to break every single passing record. He could still be wearing a shoulder sling, a cast on his leg and hear ringing in his ears from the concussions and it would all be a non-factor with that mustache.

Way too early in the offseason, I wrote that Jared Goff was going to win the MVP award this season but how could I have predicted that Andrew Luck would show up to training camp looking like Henry Cavill from the most recent Mission Impossible movie?

I might have to go back into the archives and delete all of my NFL articles including that one really cool time I said that Andrew Luck was a bust. Again, I had no idea this mustache was going to be out here. I feel foolish having ever doubted this future Hall-of-Famer who runs directly into linebackers every time he scrambles out of the pocket and is shocked when he gets carried out on a stretcher every year.

Watch Andrew Luck throw a football over them mountains.



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