Andrew Bogut Played a Solid 58 Seconds For Cleveland Before His Leg Shattered

Nooooot greeaat news out of Cleveland as Andrew Bogut leg straight up exploded in less than two minutes in a Cavaliers jersey on Monday night. I was premed in college so allow me to give my expert analysis: uh, you’re going to need two legs to play basketball and it appears as though Bogut no longer has a left leg sooo.

There are two reasons why it’s completely okay to make fun of this injury. 1. The Cavaliers do not need Andrew Bogut at all. The second Kevin Love comes back from his injury, Bogut was getting zero minutes. Once the playoffs started, you weren’t going to see him play at all.

2. Andrew Bogut is sneaky an alt-right psychopath and believes that Hillary Clinton is running a child sex trafficking ring at a pizza place sooo yea, I don’t mind watching his leg shatter.





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