Andre Drummond is the Best Player in the NBA

Prior to this season, I wrote a Top 100 players in the NBA list and foolish me made a massive error. I accidentally put Giannis, Kawhi and literally everyone ahead of Andre Drummond but he’s made it clear that I need to revise that list ASAP.

The Detroit Pistons are 3-4 on the season which some could say is exactly where they should be but after news of Blake Griffin missing the start of the season with fill in the blank leg injury, Detroit could’ve gone out there and looked like the Washington Wizards.

But instead, Andre Drummond has carried this team on his back in a way that I don’t think anyone knew he was even capable of.

My man is out here switching hands mid air like Michael Jordan and Arya Stark. That’s rarified air.

He was always one of the better rounders in the sport. He’s led the NBA in rebounds 5 of the last 5 years. When he steps onto the court, you expect double-digit boards.

Somehow he’s on pace to eclipse all of his already historic rebounding numbers throughout his career.

Drummond is a defensive anchor that can rotate into the paint and protect the rim as well as anyone in the league.

He leads the league in blocks currently over Rudy Gobert, Joel Embiid and any other defensive big man we typically name before we mention how great Drummond is at this whole basketball thing.

What’s most fascinating to watch this season is his scoring output.

Blake Griffin and Reggie Jackson gone? Not a problem. Say no more. Drummond will just take over the scoring responsibilities.

He’s averaging more points per game than CJ McCollum and DeMar DeRozan so far. His shooting percentages have improved from previous years along with his usage rate.

So why isn’t Andre Drummond a bigger star?

We can’t use the excuse that Detroit is a small market. Giannis plays in Wisconsin and everyone knows his name. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook became stars in Oklahoma. You know the old saying, ‘If you can make it in Oklahoma, you can make it anywhere’.

We can’t say it’s due to his lack of postseason success considering Anthony Davis was a household name prior to his arrival to Los Angeles. The New Orleans Pelicans barely made the playoffs with David on the roster and when they got there they were just dinner for their opponents. Swept like that scene in Fantasia we always see in Disney commercials.

But his lack of success is close to the reason we ignore his on the court dominance.

Andre Drummond is a loser.

The most famous thing he’s ever done is date that little girl from iCarly. And when I say little girl I mean her size compared to his. They’re the same age I believe. You get what I was saying. She was tiny.

I can’t respect your game on the court if I don’t respect your game off it. You don’t have to date a Kardashian sister but at least get seen in the club with one. At the VERY least, date someone who looks old enough to drive without a parent in the car.

We get it. Your go-to porn category is ‘Teen’. Keep that shit to yourself, weirdo.

What I love about Joel Embiid is that he picks on the nerds in the NBA that are too huge for me to feel comfortable saying mean things about so of course Embiid constantly makes fun of Drummond.

At least Karl-Anthony Towns finally fought back this year. The last step Andre Drummond needs to take is punch Joel Embiid in the nose.

The only thing that can stop Drummond from being a superstar in this league is choosing to date some little Nickelodeon star and continuing to be a little bitch.

Other than that though, Andre Drummond MVP SZN.

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