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And Suddenly After The Hiring of Lindsay Gottlieb, I Am a Diehard Cleveland Cavaliers Fan

I was today year’s old when I learned that I was a lifelong Cleveland Cavaliers fan and a Lindsay Gottlieb stan.


The Cleveland Cavaliers have hired Cal women’s basketball coach, Lindsay Gottlieb, as an assistant making her the first women’s collegiate coach to be hired in the NBA and just like that, I am a Cavaliers stan.

Gottlieb was 179-89 in her eight years as the Cal head coach. She led the Lady Golden Bears to seven NCAA Tournament appearances in her eight seasons which included a Final Four appearance in 2013.

Needless to say, she is more than qualified and it’s about time women received the opportunity to coach in the NBA.

It never made sense to me that the position was exclusively for men especially considering that at the end of the day, the role of the coach is to teach the players and basically all of the great teachers I had growing up were women.

It’s not like the coach of an NBA team has to work out with the team or outlift anyone and even if that were a requirement, something tells me that Lindsay Gottlieb could absolutely bench more than Brad Stevens.

What makes this hiring even more exciting is that Cleveland also hired John Beilein from Michigan, as their new head coach about a month earlier.

Have you seen Collin Sexton play basketball? John Beilein is for sure getting fired within the next 4 years which means Gottlieb could fuck around and end up the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers which would be historic and I’d purchase season tickets immediately.

Round of applause to the Cavaliers and their future head coach, Lindsay Gottlieb because we all know that John Beilein won’t be here past dinner time.




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