An NFL GM Called Baker Mayfield ‘That 6 Foot Tall Jerk’ And I Feel Personally Attacked

I’m under attack. As the unofficial spokesman for 6-foot tall jerks, this is a direct attack on our front lines. The castle is under siege. In most circumstances, us 6-foot tall jerks can thrive out here in these streets but in the sports world, we are demonized.

NFL GMs have no clue what to make of Baker Mayfield and for whatever reason, his size is the biggest concern as if that really matters at all. Drew Brees is the size of a 10th grader and he won a Super Bowl.

Maybe we should judge Mayfield on the fact that he played against Big 12 defenses which is the equivalent of having a perfect batting average when there’s a tee set up at home plate except Mayfield didn’t have a perfect batting average and had accuracy issues all year.

If you’re an NFL GM and you need a QB late in the first round and you’re staring Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson in the eyes, you better select Jackson aka The Next Michael Vick or else you’re going to end up putting all of your chips on a guy who wears a headband and eyeblack every week because he thinks it’s ‘cool’.

As a jerk, I respect Mayfield telling fans to suck his dick and him planting the Oklahoma flag on an opposing team’s field. The sporting world needs less lame ass sportsmanship and more jerks out there rubbing their success all over their opponents’ wife’s chins.

But stop critiquing Mayfield on his size and attitude because the 6-foot tall jerk community is just trying to get by under the radar. We don’t need this attention. Please go back to not liking Mayfield because he actually can’t throw a football.

Leave us alone.




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