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An MLB Scout Said He’d Rather Get Struck By Lightening Then Watch The Baltimore Orioles Play And I Feel The Same Way

The Baltimore Orioles are currently 32-74 at the time I’m writing this but they could easily have like, 18 more losses by the end of this afternoon. They are 41 1/2 games out of first place and they’ve been the worst team in Major League Baseball since pretty much day one.

The Orioles are currently on pace to lose 113 games, which some would argue, is too many losses. They’ve traded away Manny Machado and Zach Britton, their best two players, as they look to shatter the all-time loss record on the back of Chris Davis, who is having one of the historically worse single-season batting performances ever.

Laugh out loud.

Baltimore has the worst team batting average in the America League so you really have to feel for this MLB scout that would rather be hospitalized than sit through a 9 inning shitfest or mediocrity.

The AL East is crumbling right before our eyes.

The Baltimore Orioles are a garbage can. The Toronto Blue Jays just gave JA Happ to the Yankees and will most likely let all of their free agents walk this year as they’ve been doing every year since their big playoff push in 2015 and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays are a minor league team that play in a fake Lego ballpark.

The New York Yankees might win the division for the next decade with the way things are shaping. Can’t wait.



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