Amazon To Start Delivering Alcohol to Your Front Door in “60 Minutes or Less”, You Will Never Be Sober Again

You know when you’re drunk shopping on Amazon and run out of alcohol and wished that Amazon could bring you more. Well this week Amazon announced that they will start a one hour delivery service for cold products like ice cream, milk oh, and beer.


“Prime Now is our fastest delivery option ever. With Prime Now, you can skip a trip to the store and get the items you need delivered right to your door in under an hour,” said Stephenie Landry, director of Amazon’s Prime Now service. “Customers love the convenience of one-hour delivery and we’re excited to bring Prime Now to our hometown customers in Seattle and surrounding areas.”


Seattle has officially become the greatest city to live in. It’s been real touch and go for Seattle for awhile. They birthed one of the greatest bands, Nirvana. But then they also birthed their annoying Siamese twin, Pearl Jam. Seattle is the reason why there are streets in this country where there is a Starbucks across the street from a Starbucks. Not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing. But then they legalized marijuana. And now, now they’ve changed the game forever. They are doing beer delivering in this city. Looking for apartments the second I post this shit.


take my money


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