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Alright, Time To Get Jay-Z The Fuck Out of Here

If you didn’t know anything about Jay-Z and didn’t know he was a brown person, this would sound like some Mike Pence shit. “NFL players need to stop kneeling and black people get murdered by the police because they don’t have fathers and they resist arrest.

This y’alls GOAT? The clip cut off early but I think he was about to tell black men to pull their pants up and turn down the hippity-hop music. Has Jay-Z ever even heard a Jay-Z song? What the fuck is this?

Last week he signed a deal with the NFL to essentially curate music for the company and they threw out some nonsense about social reform being a part of the deal to make us believe that this wasn’t simply a money grab by Jay-Z.

As I wrote, good for Jay. Get money. Everyone go get rich.

But let’s not paint it under the guise of social justice. This has nothing to do with Colin Kaepernick or police brutality or racism at all. It’s Jay-Z getting another source of income and that was immediately proven after the announcement of the opening night concert he put together.

The National Football League and Roc Nation today announced the first elements of their controversial new partnership: An apparel line called “Inspire Change” and a “Songs of the Season concert series, the first of which will take place in Chicago’s Grant Park on Sept. 5 and feature Meek Mill, Meghan Trainor and Rapsody.

The programs were announced during a press conference in New York earlier this month. The apparel line is “a new social enterprise model,” according to the announcement, that “will fund and support Inspire Change programs across the country,” including such “key priorities” as education and economic empowerment, police and community relations, and criminal justice reform,” although it does not specify which specific organizations are involved. The Inspire Change apparel line, designed by artists, will be available later in the 2019 season. (Variety)

OH word, Jay? This was the grand scheme? A Meghan Trainor merch roll out? Meghan Trainor is about to come out and end racism by shouting ‘Inspire Change’ tees to the audience? Ok.

Get Jay-Z the fuuuuck out of here. Like I’ve said earlier, no millionaire made their money through pristine ethics and morals. No millionaire gives a shit about us. They are not going to save us.

This washed dry skinned clown really went on a stage with other old white heads and said that it’s black kids fault for the cops hurting them. The police officer who killed Eric Garner was just recently fired…five years after he murdered an innocent kid. He was able to work with no consequence for five long years and his punishment was that he lost his job. After a kid lost his life.

And Jay-Z just told a room of white people that it was the kid’s fault because he didn’t have a dad or some shit.


Are we really about to do the whole ‘if you don’t resist arrest then this won’t happen’. Or how about you don’t try to aggressively arrest me when I’m just minding my own business because of course I’m going to resist regardless of whether or not my dad picked me up from football practice.

Get Jay-Z the fuuuuck out of here. He’s in the Kanye West MAGA hive now. Rich people don’t care about us.

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