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Allllllright Jon Voight, You Can Fuck Off

Jon Voight woke up one morning and decided to post this hostage video in which he deepthroated Donald Trump seemingly totally unprovoked. Voight said that Trump is the best president since Abraham Lincoln which doesn’t make sense for a bajillion reasons.

If you ride so hard for Trump than it’s strange to bypass Ronald Reagan, who woke up in the morning and his first thought was ‘how do I kill more poor people’ and jump to Lincoln, who freed the same brown people that Trump is determined to shoot into the sun.

But in a way, it makes sense that people who are dumb enough to think Trump has their best interests in mind are also the same dumb people who love throwing out the pointless elementary trivia fact that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican so Voight is crossing off every MAGA box.

That’s enough Voight. It was a wrap for you when you defended Trump for saying that he grabs women by the pussy and now it’s officially over. You jizzed out Angelina Jolie and we will forever be thankful but we can’t have you out here posting strange hungover political propaganda.

In hindsight, outside of cumming out the biggest celebrity of the 2000s, Voight’s career is totally irrelevant.

Everything he’s done post-Coming Home, which came out in 19fucking78, he’s been completely replaceable.

You can fill his spot with any old racist actor and the movies wouldn’t change at all. and I can say with complete confidence that no one reading Deadseriousness is going to die on the Runaway Train hill so yea, fuck this guy.

No one over the age of 60 should have a Twitter account. Including the president. Someone cut Voight’s wifi asap.

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