All Respect To This Man Who Thought He Could Out Race The Cops in His 2002 Acura

Police arrested an Indiana man after they say he led them on a 140-mile per hour chase.

A trooper was sitting stationary on the shoulder of EB I-80/94 when he clocked a 2002 Acura traveling 116 miles per hour in a zone where the speed limit is 55 miles per hour.

The driver finally came to stop at Central Avenue and the driver, Dino Lorenzo Gagliano, 20 of Dyer, was taken into custody.

Gagliano said he was worried about his license, but he thought that ISP cruisers had V6 engines. He was surprised when the trooper caught up with him. (Source)

Nothing but respect for Lorenzo Gagliano after taking local law enforcement on a quick police chase thinking that his ’02 Acura was about to reallyyy hit top speed on them.

Who among us hasn’t seen a cop car pull up behind us and think to ourselves ‘I wonder if I can out drive this motherfucker’. The answer is almost always a definite no but you still look up ahead of you to see if you can weave through traffic while hitting top speed without immediately slamming into the back of an SUV or the highway median.

Gagliano just may or may not have misjudged that legendary ’02 Acura horsepower that you hear so much about. 0-to-140, eventually.

We all have regrets. But what’s even worse than regretting our past actions is wondering ‘what if?’ for actions we were too afraid to attempt. My man, Lorenzo Gagliano need not wonder what if. He found out the answer. He can’t evade the cops. Now he knows and can sleep in his jail cell like a baby.

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