Alex Smith Should Never Play Football Again

After suffering a brutal leg injury in 2018, Alex Smith has finally been cleared to for football activities. His leg had severe infections that forced the removal of layers of skin tissue and a bunch of gross shit. I don’t really know what’s in human’s bodies but Alex Smith almost lost his entire ass leg.

Here he is celebrating with his family upon finding out the news he can play football again:

Oh. No.

Okay ha ha this was a fun-loving little tale. We all got our smiles and our feels and blah blah.

My man can’t even expose his leg to the AIR. He’s limping the whole video clip. Seriously, he is clearly incapable of walking and Washington expects him to stand in the pocket and dodge Markus Golden coming off the edge?? His leg is going to land in the empty bleachers. Chase Young is going to snap him in half one the first day he puts his cleats back on.

What are we doing here? Alex Smith almost died from sepsis. I’m genuinely concerned that he was going to slip in his driveway on all that champagne. Smith is barely staying upright like Bambi trying to walk on the ice.

Here’s what Washington head coach, Ron Rivera, said about Smith’s return to the field:

“If Alex is healthy and continues to get healthy and we do activate him, he’s going to be in the throes of this competition. It’s going to unfold very nicely as a football team for us because competition is only going to make you better. It’s going to push the young guys as well.”

He’s going to be competing? Why? This makes zero sense. Dwayne Haskins had a pretty mediocre rookie season and now you’re having him compete against this far better veteran? What if Smith outplays him on one leg? How does that improve the confidence of your first-round selection? And what if Smith wins the job? I just hope Washington is ready to pay for this man’s funeral.

Alex Smith has 24,608 passing yards with 193 touchdowns under his belt. A sound steady and underrated career. Just walk off into the sunset before you can’t walk ever again. Again, his legs need to be fully wrapped up at all times and can’t be exposed to the AIR. Fuck football.



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