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Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Are Banging

The “On the Floor” singer, 47, is dating former MLB star Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez, a source confirms to PEOPLE. “They have been dating for a few weeks,” the source said.

“She seems excited,” a source close to Lopez told PEOPLE. “He has been around her family and she really likes that he is a dad. She is aware, though, that he is a ladies’ man too and is being cautious. For now, it’s just fun. She is single and enjoys dating.”



This would’ve been the BIGGEST news story on the planet, if this was 2003. Now it’s just a story of two lonely 40-year old’s dry humping each other and reminiscing on the glory days. Ah, to be a fly on the wall to hear them pretend to enjoy the same things even though they’re both lying because they don’t want to sleep alone at night. Too real.

Looks like that J-Lo and Drake (fake) relationship is over. It’s a real shame. Would’ve love to hear a full collab album joining The 6 and The Bronx. Actually as I typed that I realized how awful that would’ve been. We really dodged a bullet actually.

Remember when Alex Rodriguez was dating that weird looking broad who was like an executive at Google or whatever?

This chick:


Why did they take a photo shoot in a football locker room? That whole situation made me uncomfortable. I’m glad he’s sticking to humping older women. Everyone has a type I guess. Derek Jeter likes young hot models. A-Rod likes old wombs. That’s my third baseman. Always and forever.




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