Alex Rodriguez Skipped Derek Jeter’s Retirement Ceremony To Bang Jennifer Lopez

Alex Rodriguez had things to do other than support his ex-teammate Derek Jeter on Sunday. 

Jeter was honored with a jersey retirement ceremony at Yankee Stadium, which was packed with fans of No. 2 and many of his former teammates.
But one was obviously missing. As TMZ reported, Rodriguez was dining downtown with his new girlfriend, actress/singer Jennifer Lopez. 
This was perhaps no surprise, given the animosity between the two legends over the last decade and even recently. 

(Bleacher Report)

This story just goes to show that no matter what Derek Jeter does, people will always connect him directly to Alex Rodriguez. The man can’t even have his number retired without people wondering wherer Alex is.

Having said that, A-Rod for sure went out of his way to remind the world that he’s humping Jennifer Lopez and honestly, you can’t even get mad at him because wouldn’t you brag about that too? Yea, it’s cool that Derek Jeter is the greatest shortstop of all time and blah blah but A-Rod’s banging J-Lo. Which is more important?[1. trick question: obviously banging J-Lo.]

Can you blame Alex for this decision at all? All he’s ever wanted to do is be friends with Derek and Jeter wanted nothing to do with. Alex was objectively a better shortstop and Jeter made A-Rod play third base. I know the story never leaked but Jeter for sure used to stuff A-Rod in lockers and steal his lunch money.

Now Alex is the cool kid dating the hot popular girl. Long live A-Lo.[2. J-Rod???]



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