Alex Bregman is the Biggest Bitch in the League

It is being reported that Alex Bregman is changing agencies and leaving Klutch Sports because of LeBron James.

Klutch belongs to LeBron James as well as his media company, Uninterrupted, which is currently working on a documentary on the Houston Astros sign-stealing where they cheated to win the 2017 World Series thanks to technology in the outfield instantly relaying opposing catcher’s signs to the dugout and those signs were given to batters in the box via hitting garbage cans to indicate fastball or breaking ball.

Real quick, fuck the Houston Astros.

But apparently Alex Bregman is mad at his former agent, Brodie Scoffield, for putting him in this conflict of interest.

Imagine cheating your entire sport—all of the other players, league officials, fans and everyone in the history of the game—but being angry at LeBron James for wanting to make a documentary as opposed to shutting the fuck up because you cheated.

Here is the problem with cheating an entire league: there is no one agency you can sign with that doesn’t already have clients that hate you for cheating so it makes no sense to run from Klutch because one of their clients is producing a show on Quibi, an app that no one even has.

Just an absolute bitch move.

The Houston Astros cheated and there were zero consequences for their actions. The manager and general manager were suspended for a year but by the time Major League Baseball resumes after this pandemic, they’ll be back in the league without missing a single damn game.

None of the players were touched. Even though the report specifically states that it was a ‘player-driven’ plan. Yet somehow these Astros are still acting like little babies and victims.

Here’s Bregman being cute and essentially bragging about knowing what pitch was coming:

Alex Bregman is such a bitch.

My favorite part of the cheating fallout was the attempt to throw Carlos Beltran under the bus by claiming that it was all his idea and he forced the younger players to follow him. I don’t believe that for a second but I do love the idea of Beltran stuffing Bregman in a locker and taking his lunch money if he didn’t swing at fastballs when he heard the fastball trash can bang.

Bregman was on pace to become one of the faces of baseball and one of the best of his generation and history is going to erase this worm from the map. Again, I don’t think anyone is rushing to Quibi to see a baseball documentary but shout out to LeBron James for taking time out of his busy schedule to dunk on Bregman.



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