Albert Pujols 1000% Used Steroids, Right?

So this season, Albert Pujols has quietly been climbing up the all-time home run list without anyone really paying attention. It’s pretty interesting considering that Pujols broke out into the majors in 2001, the height of the steroid era. Out of the clouds came a gigantic man who casually hit 40 home runs a season while Bonds, A-Rod and Manny Ramirez were juicing. Interesting.

I’m not saying Pujols definitely did steroids (that’s exactly what I’m saying) I’m just saying it’s weird that no one even considers it. No one even knows how old this man is. If this geriatric sociopath is willing to lie about his age his entire career, it’s quite possible he used steroids.

Do you really think he was just watching Mark McGwire juice before every at-bat and didn’t get the desire to do it himself? What a coincidence he started his career playing alongside one of the most infamous steroids users. Interesting. Not drawing any conclusions. It’s just interesting.

I also want to quickly say, who cares if he did do steroids? The home run is the most exciting play in sports and he managed to hit 586. There are AA players in Omaha juicing who still can’t catch up to 94mph fastballs. He’s still a talented guy regardless. The point is, no one even puts him in the discussion with Sammy Sosa and David Ortiz which is strange because Albert Pujols 1000% took steroids in his career.


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