Ajit Pai, The Man Who Is Destroying Net Neutrality is The Biggest Loser on Planet Earth

Yo, FUCK this geek. Ajit Pai is the chairman of the FCC and made it his mission to end Net Neutrality and now he is pretty much mocking everyone on in the United States. This is a man who thinks that he is ‘freeing’ the Internet but in actuality, he’s dooming it.

My man is still out here doing Harlem Shake videos? This is the perfect example of a man with no skills, talents or sense of humor who is jealous of people out there on the internet making valuable and funny content and making money off of it while he sits behind a desk and reads articles about kids calling Instagram ‘the gram’ as he wishes he could participate in the culture but again, he is a dweeb who managed to break out of the locker that he was stuffed inside in order to end Net Neutrality.

To quickly understand why someone would repeal Net Neutrality, there is an argument that it ends healthy competition between internet providers. So now Comcast can charge you extra money for streaming Netflix or if they can intentionally slow down your bandwidth and force you to pay extra for that faster load time which I suppose is capitalism but it also implies that the Internet isn’t a birth right and instead, it’s a government utility that can be controlled by the highest bidders.

When you give major companies tax breaks and laws that put even more piles of money on top of their piles of money, you’re halting progress. These companies get lazy from counting their gold doubloons all day and all innovation and change cease.

When internet companies are given fair restrictions, the geeks who work on the tech have to create clever and new ways for their companies to make money and work around those restrictions. With those cuffs off, there is no need to progress. If anything, we’ll probably end up returning to AOL dial-up connections.

Ajit Pai is a bitch and a loser. But I’m sure he knows that already.



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