AJ McCarron vs. Nathan Peterman Battling For The Buffalo Bills Starting Quarterback Job Is Going To Be Must-See TV

The Buffalo Bills started this free agency period by trading away their starting quarterback, Tyrod Taylor, for no reason other than the fact that his skin is dark. Statistically, he is pretty much the same quarterback as Alex Smith and the Washington Redskins just traded EVERYTHING to acquire Smith.

Now, they have acquired AJ McCarron, a quarterback who wasn’t good enough in Cincinnati to take the job away from the textbook definition of average, Andy Dalton. McCarron won three National Championships when he played at Alabama. Since then, he has started 3 NFL games and has thrown a grand total of 133 passes.

But McCarron is going up against the LEVIATHAN that is Nathan Peterman.

Nathan Peterman has thrown 52 NFL passes and 6 interceptions which means every like, 8 passes he throws ends up in the defender’s hands. He threw 5 interceptions in his NFL debut. Reading a defense is not his biggest strength.

The Buffalo Bills were bounced from the playoffs pretty early last season but now that there is a battle between AJ McCarron and Nathan Peterman coming to town, we’re about to see a deeep playoff run by the Bills.

Who can throw the most interceptions next season? Only time will tell. I cannot wait until the Bills end up drafting Josh Allen, one of the least accurate passers in the draft but he’s a tall White so he’s the perfect Bills QB1 candidate, and the three of them have a turnover-off in the preseason to determine who can fumble their way into the starting role.

Go Bills.




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