After Watching the Rick and Morty Season Finale Do We Know if Beth is a Clone or Not?

Season 3 of Rick and Morty has come and gone and of course it wouldn’t be the show that it is if it didn’t leave off on a cliffhanger that won’t be addressed for another 3 years or whenever Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland can get into a room together without either yelling at each other or making lame fart jokes for hours.

In Episode 9 of Season 3, The ABC’s of Beth, Rick proposes the idea to Beth that she is too smart for this universe and that she should leave everything behind to go explore and Rick would plant a Beth clone to replace her in her absence. At the end of the episode, Beth is a warming mother to Summer and Morty and we are left questioning whether or not she accepted Rick’s offer.

Then in the finale, The Rickchurian Mortydate, it becomes quite clear that even Beth doesn’t even know if she’s the clone and there’s no way she can actually know for sure because if Rick admits to her that she’s a clone, Rick has to kill her.

Sooooo, is Beth a clone or not?

In the finale, Beth returns to Jerry and the family reunites and she even says out loud In many ways, things will be like season one, but more streamlined. Now Jerry and I are happily married parents, and the idea that I was motivated by a fear of you leaving can be eschewed’.

Rick says that she’s not the clone but her behavior has clearly shifted suddenly and maybe that’s simply her attempt to find normality and control in the face of the possibility of being a clone.

At the end of the day, Beth says ‘we’re a family now’, so I suppose we’re not really supposed to care if she’s a clone or not. Everything is back to normal for this show. Jerry is in the picture again and episodes will start with the family at the breakfast table. Who cares if Beth is a clone?

Having said all that, she’s probably a clone or whatever.




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