After Watching The Irishman, I No Longer Want To Hear Any Nonsense Martin Scorsese Has To Say About Marvel Movies

Last month, Martin Scorsese wrote a boring New York Times op-ed crying about Marvel movies and claiming that they’re not real ‘cinema’.

“I was asked a question about Marvel movies. I answered it. I said that I’ve tried to watch a few of them and that they’re not for me, that they seem to me to be closer to theme parks than they are to movies as I’ve known and loved them throughout my life.”

Now, before I kick Scorsese in his elderly balls, I’m not about to sit here and applaud Disney for their domination of movie production. In 2019, Disney took home 38% of the US Box Office sales which is over twice as much as the second-place studio. Shout out Warner.

That’s, uh, bad.

There’s essentially only one studio making all of the money and quickly acquiring all of the struggling studios underneath them to own a complete monopoly over American film.

We’re quickly approaching a world where every movie is a generic Ant-Man type action-comedy starring a generic Paul Rudd-type and any creative, new and original movie is thrown in the trash or can’t make it into a theatre because Disney movies occupy every projector.

This summer I couldn’t find a viewing of Midsommar anywhere because The Lion King was playing 50,000 times a day. The Lion King, a movie that we all already saw 15 years ago was just re-animated with Beyonce doing the soundtrack and it kicked an Indie movie out of theatres.

If Disney Plus continues to amass other people’s content, then what’s to stop them from skyrocketing the price of a monthly subscription? Where else will you go? Netflix? Laugh out loud.

Martin Scorsese wasn’t being critical of Disney. If so, I’d 1000% agree. Fuck Disney.

No, he was old man yelling at cloud about the MCU not being like his daddy’s movies.

You cannot cry about Marvel ruining cinema after making The Irishman, my guy.

First of all, The Irishman was almost 4 hours long. You can’t make a movie that’s as long as Avengers: Endgame while none of the characters in your movie are anywhere near as interesting as Thanos.

The Irishman had a budget close to $200 million. Hm. Sounds like the budget of a Marvel movie. Interesting. I’m curious as to what Scorsese used that money to do?

Wait, what’s that? He spent it on CGI?? And Lucas Films was in charge of all the de-aging CGI that appeared in the movie? The same de-aging CGI made famous in Marvel and Star Wars movies? Two franchises owned by Disney?


Odd move to shit on a series of beloved movies before immediately doing exactly what they do and in an extremely more boring manner.

The Irishman didn’t need to be almost 4 hours. The last half hour was just old man De Niro running errands around town. It was elderly men moving in slow motion with weird CGI’d blue eyes.

The Irishman wasn’t a bad movie.

But if your critique of Marvel is super her of fatigue and the genre being done to death then maybe don’t also film your 1,000th mafia movie starring the same exact actors from all of the previous mafia movies. Are Robert De Niro and Al Pacino the only Italian men in Hollywood?

Maybe we don’t need to keep telling the stories of ruthless mob bosses and turning them into heroes. At least the heroes that Marvel makes movies about are inspirational figures. Scorsese made Goodfellas like ‘yo, look how cool crime is’.

Disney sucks. Martin Scorses sucks. And here I am sitting here watching all of their content like an idiot. I sucks.


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