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After Throwing a Bajillion Interceptions in His CFL Debut, Johnny Manziel Is Now in Concussion Protocol After Being Absolutely CRUSHED

What Happened?

“It felt like I ran into a brick wall,” Manziel said after his night, in which he went 16-of-26 with 168 passing yards. “Their defense is fast, big and aggressive. They hit hard. I told [teammates] no matter what, you’re not going to take me out like that. I’m going to come back and keep fighting. It’s going to take a lot more.”

(NY Post)

Johnny Manziel was absolutely folded up trying to sneak into the end zone in hilarious fashion and instead of being treated for a concussion, he was thrown back out on the field because football is dumb.

“I’m going to come back and keep fighting”. Dope. I’m sure the Montreal Alouettes were aching for Manziel to jog back out onto the field seeing stars after his CFL debut saw him toss 4 interceptions in just the first half of the game.

I’m going to watch this clip of Manziel getting bundled every single morning. Whenever I start to think that I have life figured out, I’m going to rewatch that remind myself that no one matters and life is a random series of events and occurrences.

But to be less introspective and focus back on mocking this loser, Johnny Manziel is bad at playing football.

A few weeks ago I wrote that no one should be rooting for Johnny Football’s comeback because he beat his ex-girlfriend so hard that she ruptured her eardrum and he’s sooo unliked by the people in his life that he spent his draft night alone at a bar.

I’m not saying I’m happy to see Manziel get rolled up like a burrito but I won’t pretend like watching that clip doesn’t make me smile ear to ear. Of course I don’t want him to get concussions but I’d 1000% watch more Montreal football if every week Manziel finds brand new ways to embarrass himself.

CFL has a new fan thanks to Manziel bloopers.




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