After One Just Game, The Philadelphia 76ers Showed That They Had The Worst Offseason in the NBA

The Philadelphia 76ers took the day one L with a 87-105 loss to the Boston Celtics on Tuesday night. The game wasn’t really close at any point so for everyone that said that the 76ers were going to win the Eastern Conference, laugh out loud.

It is clear that Philly isn’t quite in the same league as Boston.

All summer I was yelling at anyone who would listen to me about how awful the Sixers offseason was and no one listened to me. I tried to tell you guys. I. Tried. Their flaws were exposed when they lost in 5 games to the Celtics in the playoffs.

Philadelphia needs guards.

Boston throws Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, Terry Rozier and Marcus Smart at you all game long and the 76ers point guard is a 6’11 power forward who refuses to shoot from outside of the paint.

Markelle Fultz is the new starting guard for this team replacing JJ Redick in the lineup. Fultz went 2-for-7  with 3 turnovers in only played 24 minutes. The team refused to make a move for a guard because they believed that Fultz was going to return to his college form.


Yes, it’s very early for me to say that Fultz isn’t the answer but Philly head coach, Brett Brown, refuses to play him in the second half when the game matters. He played 3 minutes in the second half.

But not to worry, the 76ers also have rookie guard, Landry Shamet, out of Witchita State. Shamet went 0-for-4 from the field and made no real impact on the game.

I know it’s also unfair to call out the 76ers lack of depth when they play against the Boston Celtics, the most deep roster in sports, but this is as good a time as ever to point out that Ben Simmons played 43 minutes, Joel Embiid played 37 minutes and they needed to play every single second of that game because when you take them off the court, you get TJ McConnell and Amir Johnson out there struggling.

I don’t want to hear about them trading for Wilson Chandler either. Nah, b. That ain’t it. Didn’t anyone think it was peculiar that Marco Belinelli and Ersan Ilyasova saved their season last year? Aging veterans signed a month before the playoffs should not be your best rotation players.

Also strange that they saw how valuable shooting from Belinelli and Ilyasova was and replaced that with nothing.

Joe Harris on the Nets would’ve been perfect. Tyreke Evans who signed with Indiana coming off the bench would’ve been huge. Shit, Jimmy Butler is sitting on the trade block as the best guard on the market and Philadelphia would rather wait for Jerryd Bayless to come back from a knee injury.

The Philadelphia 76ers might have the best defense in the Eastern Conference but they have no guards or any depth off the bench so until they fix this roster, let’s just cross this team off the list of real title contenders.

That is my opening night overreaction. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.






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