After Being The First No. 1 Seed To Lose To a No. 16, The University of Virginia Basketball Program Should Receive The Death Penalty

“We got our butts whipped,” Virginia head coach Tony Bennett readily admitted to CBS afterward, via “That was not even close. And that’s first a credit to the job Ryan did. Coach Odom, their offense was very hard to guard. They shot it well. We kept getting broken down and did a poor job.”

(Bleacher Report)

Yup, no shit, Tony Bennett.

The NCAA loves handing out ‘death penalties’ to programs that are caught paying their players or fixing grades or whatever but this is by far the most egregious of crimes we’ve ever seen. Prior to last night, No. 1 seeds were 135-0 against No. 16 seeds since 1985 when the NCAA Tournament expanded to 64 teams.

If you’re the University of Virginia and you’re representing the ACC, a conference that many people believe is the best conference in college basketball, you can’t lose to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. You certainly cannot get BLOWN OUT by 20 points.

The NCAA needs to come down hard on this program for embarrassing themselves and the tournament in general. Virginia came into the game as a 20.5 favorite. If it were up to me, Virginia would lose all of its scholarships for the next decade, be banned from postseason play and they’d be forced to hire Rick Pitino as their head coach and watch him destroy the program from within with coke and prostitutes all over campus.

Let’s also not forget that in 1982, No.1 Virginia lost to Chaminade which at the time, was considered to be the biggest upset in college basketball history. No more. Get Virginia out of here. Move this program to Division II or something. We can’t have these disasters anymore.

In 2012, Penn State received a 4-year ban from bowl games after Jerry Sandusky was sliding around in the showers with little boys while Joe Paterno was watching the door to make sure no one interrupted his buddy’s playdate.

Am I saying that Virginia losing to the UMBC Retrievers is as bad as an athletic trainer molesting children and that they deserve the same penalty? No. Of course not. That would be incredibly incesitive. I’m saying that Virginia deserves a far stiffer penalty than Penn State. 10-year ban minimum.

Also real quick, if your bracket is ‘busted’ because you had Virginia making a deep run into the NCAA Tournament, you’re dumb. UVA is 12-6 all time as a No. 1 seed in tournament history. That’s the worst record for a No. 1 seed all time. Wow yea, the more I write about this, the more I’m all in on the death penalty.



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