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Adrian Peterson Says He Can Play 4-5 More Years (Will Be Out of the League By Dinnertime)

Adrian Peterson thinks he’s the best player in the NFL and I love that. The New Orleans Saints signed Peterson in the offseason and quickly realized that he doesn’t know how to play football anymore and swiftly traded him to the Arizona Cardinals for a 24-pack of Gatorade.

I will say, Peterson has a better chance to succeed in Arizona. With David Johnson out for the season, Peterson can potentially fill that void. First, the Cardinals signed Tennesee Titans legend, Chris Johnson. He was old trash.

Enter Adrian Peterson, also old trash. What could possibly go wrong? Can’t wait until Peterson is yelling at Bruce Arians on the sidelines after only getting 5 carries for 6 yards.

Honestly have no idea what the Cardinals are doing. They should be taking a knee on the season and rebuilding for next year but instead, they have managed to find a way to get even older and slower than they were a week ago when Carson Wentz put them in a torture chamber.

Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald are at the end of their careers. The Cardinals are dead and Adrian Peterson’s career is over.




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